Trans VA

It looks as if my long line of activity with the Veterans Administration  is about to take another turn- for the better.
I will explain  later after I pass along another trans veterans experience - not too far away from me. (Northeastern Ohio)
This story is much different, comes from a fiancee of a transgender vet and is brutal:

"The VA hospital and Community Outpatient Clinics here are some of the worst offenders when it comes to harassment towards the LGBT community. I cannot recall one time that we have had a peaceful experience at the VA. Sometimes I wonder how veterans can be so hateful towards their own just because they are exercising the FREEDOM to b who they are. The LGBT Veterans served their country just like the heterosexual veterans did.  WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? Many VA employees are rude towards the LGBT veterans. It's sad, very sad."

She goes on to document employees going out of their way to laugh at, embarrass and just make life miserable for her fiancee.
Fortunately, my experience has been almost totally opposite so far.
I have heard the VA operates (right or wrong) as very separate entities, which seems to be the case here.
The bottom line though is that the NE Ohio VA for the most part HAS to perform the same functions for a trans vet as mine in SW Ohio  The problem is how they do it.
My center has had educational and sensitivity training concerning trans vets-and it shows. If it has happened in NE Ohio at all then someone needs to be held responsible. Easy for me to say but at the least the article I read was a great starting point.

Back to me, only a final signature stands between me and the VA approving payment for my HRT treatment which they finally decided they could not provide.
That's all good. I understand the bureaucratic time frames and along the way I have been treated with respect.
Now, having said that-I take nothing for granted. It's not over till its over.
At the least the light at the end of the tunnel doesn't seem to be the train. That's all I can ask for.


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