Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trans Girls and the Womanless Pageant

Over the years here in Cyrsti's Condo we have discussed Trans Girls and Womanless Pageants.
The overwhelming amount of particpants are obviously just in it for the fun or the charity benefits or whatever.
Others however just might let some of their cross dressing style come through and some of the others on occasion flaunt it.
I know over the years, I have discussed with a couple of transgender friends the "what if's" of a womanless pageant opportunity in our past. When I grew up, there just weren't any. If there would have been any, it would have been a good chance I could have been a little reticent in participating. I would have been afraid someone would have noticed I enjoyed the process a bit too much.
I recently discovered a video which shows the whole process and includes only six contestants.
As I started to watch it, I almost turned it off.
The first two participants were wasting my time. Two guys in beards and dresses. Then came number three.
The third contestant was a no doubter. The lack of body hair in the right places, the mannerisms and the way he negociated the heels showed this was likely not a first time experience.
Interestingly, number 4 was almost the same-prettier but not as accomplished. I did think perhaps he had some coaching. (and loved it)
Number 5 was a copy of one and two and then came number 6.
Six (I thought) was probably performing as a drag queen in a club later on that evening.
The video comes from Lake Arthur, Louisiana courtesy of the Cajun Traveler:

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