I Didn't Know it was a Contest

During my never ending surfing of Al Gore's web I find these little gems.
This one was called:

"Why transwomen will never be as exciting as women.

It is often said that transwomen can be more beautiful and feminine
than actual women. You hear transwomen say that women who do not
conform to femininity cannot measure up and are not real women, not as
real as them…

So I’ve been thinking about what men get out of being with actual
women. We know that they get services and free labor, such as: babies,
cleaning, emotional support, physical care, sex etc… If transwomen are
able to do some of that and “embrace” the lot of the oppressed then"

Read more here:

I was amused on several levels. The first was the assumption that women are oppressed-don't tell my daughter that.  The birth option is another. What does say about the genetic women who can't or don't want kids? Some say defining "real" women by the birth option is reducing them to a walking vagina.
Finally I thought it was interesting she raised men to the top of the gender food chain by assuming all women- trans or not- are in competition for a man.
Me thinks she protests too much!
I dropped some thoughts on her blog. I will let you know if anything interesting happens.