Transsexual in the 60's.

Former British model April Ashley has found her way back into the limelight.
I'm going to pass along a  link to the UK Daily Mail and pass along a couple snippets here.

April Ashley Today

"Born plain George Jamieson, he became the first Briton to have a sex change and sparked countless lurid headlines.
Yesterday  the actress and campaigner April Ashley was appointed an MBE for services to transgender equality." 

In her glamorous heyday she became a Vogue model, seduced actors Omar Sharif and Peter O’Toole and attracted the amorous attentions of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.
But her world came crashing down in the Sixties when a ‘friend’ sold her story to a newspaper and intimate details of how she had been turned from a man into a woman under a surgeon’s knife caused a sensation.
She bounced back, marrying an aristocrat but that only led to more astonishing revelations."

April Ashley

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