Transgender "Stylin and Profilin"!

If you are an in the closet cross dresser, transgender or transsexual woman your personal image matters. It just does. Let me take it a step further and point out the transsexual women that I know or have seen whose personal image is never going to propel them to any pageant finals but who look exceeding at home in their chosen gender.
I'm guessing the great majority of my trans sisters however do care very deeply about their personal image.
Of course genetic women do too and one of the sites I subscribe (free)  to is Total Image Consultants. It's a great place for image tips and ideas from the genetic female world...Such as this:

" Does how we look matter above all else? Do clothing, makeup and hair choices have that much influence? Or, should our personality and inner essence be the primary focus with no attachment to how we look on the outside?
Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that our society is obsessed with image. Not only that but the image they revere is young, thin and white. It's no wonder so many women feel excluded! The key is to match your outer appearance with appreciation and expression of who you are on the inside.
How do you do that?"

This post is written by Ginger and it's uncanny how much of it reads as true or truer for a transgender woman attempting to find her way in the world. As I have always said females don't have to be women. We do to survive. Here are a couple points:
Be True to Yourself: Do you feel good about how you look? The biggest question is “do you know how you want to look and how to make that happen?”
Know the Rules! (OMG how many times do we go over that?) If you understand the rules about dress then you are well equipped to make choices that serve you. Knowing the expectations, you can then make a conscious decision to disregard them (if you choose to) and are better prepared to deal with (or circumvent) the consequences.
Show Respect: Take pride in how you look. Good grooming habits are essential and have nothing to do with where you shop or how big or fancy your wardrobe is or isn't. Others notice when you take good care of your body and your clothes…and when you don’t!
Dress With Intention: Many women have fallen into a state of unconsciousness about how they look. Is it any surprise when you consider the factors working against us (e.g., body image issues, social pressure, compromised self-esteem, disinterest in fashion...)?
How you dress gives people visual cues about who you are. True or not, they will make assumptions about you based on what they see. While it is not possible to meet everyone’s expectations, you can meet your own. Dress with authenticity, respect and intention, and you will feel good about how you look everyday. "

As I normally do, I have edited part of this post. For the entire read, please go here it's worth it!