Transgender Commandments

1.- Thou shall not be a victim. The world is full of people with problems. Those that find away to live with them are the success stories.
2.-Thou shall not be a whiner.  The world is full of many compassionate people. Attempt to state your case as honestly and truthfully as you can. Falling on your own sword only hurts mostly you.
3.-Thou shall not be a bigot. Just because much of society is bigoted against us, it does not make it right to be bigoted against each other.
4,- Thou shall not turn your back on anyone in our community always remember you were there once..
5.- Thou shall not take yourself too seriously and lose the joy of life.
6.- Thou shall be a positive role model for those in or out of our community-no matter how small the effort.
7.-Thou shall find the courage and the wisdom to do what's right to preserve your existence.
8.-Thou shall find the joy of your existence-how ever small it may be.
9.-Thou shall find those who rejoice in your diversity.
10.- Thou shall be a diva! You deserve it!


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