Cyrsti's Condo 2nd Anniversary!

Really? Two years?
Isn't there a song with lyrics that go something like this: "Where are they going without over knowing the way?"
What a great description of my life!
Two years ago I knew pretty much I felt really natural as a female. Whatever I perceived it to be.
Being a relatively astute student of my human condition, I knew I had to follow my soul with only the vaguest idea of how to do it.
Two years ago, my personal closet was already open so what was I waiting for?
As it turned out, nothing.
I was fortunate that I had a couple friends who urged me to write about my experiences.
So here we are two years later! Wow!How times have changed. I can safely say our community is more out and active than ever. The best part is the younger transgender generation seems to be in the best shape of all.
I've gone from worrying about everyone elses' perception of me to worrying if I'm perceiving enough of the world.
As a dear friend has told me more than once: "Very few people ever have the chance to reinvent themselves."
How wonderful, humbling and scary the process has become over the last two years.
I wish I could say how much I'm looking forward to celebrating two more years with all of you.  The truth of the matter is we are all just as good as seeing the sunrise tomorrow.
Thanks for being around for many sunrises to the east of "Cyrsti's Condo". Let's enjoy a few more together!


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