Meet the Old/New Me!

Recently we posted a story about transgender actress  Candis Cayne  who appeared not long ago in the television series  "Necessary Roughness".  Her character was the former "Gerald" at a class reunion.

"Jamie Clayton"

Yet another beautiful transgender actress is headed to the "HBO" series "Hung". In one of the episodes, Jamie Clayton's character also attends her class reunion. Clayton has a great take on why her character Kyla went:
"Ultimately Kyla’s goal of going to the reunion was to get these people to see her the way she has always seen herself. Obviously she was unable to do that when she was in high school so she sort of wants to go back and reclaim that moment and sort of do a time-machine moment and reclaim that moment and have a good experience. It does sort of backfire on her. But ultimately the way it ends up is so sweet — the moment that she has with Ray. Part of Kyla’s journey is coming to the realization that it doesn’t matter what everybody else thinks about you; in the end, it’s what you think of yourself."
I have a big class reunion coming up in a couple of years and I started to think...would I go?
First of all, I need to say I have never been to one of my high school reunions. I moved from a very small school district to a very big one and never deleveloped many close friendships plus I was very shy. My point to all of this is, very few at the reunion would remember my before let alone my current.
As profound and correct as Clayton's take on the reunion, none of it really works for me. I wish I could say I would be showing my true self all my classmates missed out on so many year ago but then again we didn't know each other then any better than now.
If I was fortunate enough to look half as beautiful as Cayne or Clayton, I supposed I could go show off for an old romantic interest from high (as Cayne did with an old girlfriend.). That wouldn't work either because my senior prom date committed suicide years ago because she thought life had no meaning because she was over weight, unattractive and divorced. (really).
So as revelvant and possibly entertaining the media makes the class reunion appear to be, I think I will  have to be a no show again. I certainly wasn't the social butterfly in high school. No need to become one now.