Top Ten Reasons!

Here they are! The Top 10 reasons to date a trans girl!
1.- guy has been trashed by g-girls in the dating scene.
2.-guy wants a girl who will do her best to look good for him...always
3.-guy wants a girl who can really understand him.
4.-guy wants a girl who is not a nag and knows when to shut up.
5.-guy wants a girl who is NOT after his money or wants to get married.
6.-guy wants a girl whose biological clock is non existent along with periods and mood swings.
7.-guy wants a girl who only shares his interests for the short period of time needed to "catch him".
8.-guy wants a girl who knows what "space" is and how to give it to him.
9.-guy wants an "old school type girl" Sometimes it takes a man to know what a woman should act like. Many women have forgotten.
10.-guy is bored and wants a new and exotic person in his life.

Cyrsti "Letterman"!
I know I've done these before but I just answered a question in a yahoo group I'm still allowed in. I thought I would pass it along!


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