Is the Grass Really Greener?

For years I've lived in a world where I felt the female gender had an advantage. After all girls are supposed to be the more intuitive gender.
Guys are fairly straight forward critters and women know the game!
During the last week, I've started to rethink my thoughts.
Last Sunday night one of my friends and I were discussing a game at our pub.  If you can get a quarter to stay on top of a lemon in a flower vase full of water for 5 seconds you get a free beer. This is actually very hard to do and the money that falls to the bottom goes to a very good cause.
She was telling me that a couple younger guys a week or so ago were harassing her about buying them a beer if they could drink all the water in the vase.There was quite a bit of H2O in the vase plus it was very gross.
She refused the offer and asked me why young guys were like that?
I believe she is in her mid 30's (very attractive)and knew that I should have a pretty good idea of what makes a young guy tick.
Naturally i do. I was surprised at her lack of understanding!
I simply said "they were pushing you." They knew you wouldn't say "that's a deal-drink it!"
Later on in the week, I was sitting next to a younger couple.  The girl was animatedly talking to the guy and he was just as intent on ignoring her. As it unfolded I felt she was either nagging or was really trying to impress the guy.
She did her best for nearly a half hour before he went to the bathroom. She was devastated and confused all at one time and I felt real sorry for her. She gave the impression that she gave it her best shot-failed and had no idea why.
A similar thought pattern of mine. I had no idea the female gender was as clueless as I've witnessed recently.
Maybe these were isolated instances (I hope so!) Maybe women aren't all they appear to be? Similar to me?