Don't Answer Too Fast! Transgenderized Dilemma!

During another of one of my evenings out, I encountered yet another communication stumbling block.
I have been slowly building a new friendship with a  worker at one of my regular stops.
She knew, I'm sure- she was dealing with a transgendered person. (Probably for the first time ever) I was taking it slow until one of my long time friends who also works there came up and joined in the conversation. She immediately added quite a bit more info about me.
All of that was fine but all of the sudden the conversation took on a whole new dynamic.  She started talk to me as a "transgenderized" person for a second and then jumped into a real "girl on girl" discussion. I really had to not anticipate where the question was coming from.
Remember, I'm still relatively new to the one on one female conversation as it pertains to real life.  Sure I've been on the outside looking in.  Plenty of the "I love your ear-rings or hair". Now it's more of the in depth talk about guys, family and shopping.
Instead of the usual  questions of why I do what I do. (Understandable) The discussion started that way and then went girl to girl. I was really surprised!
The best part of the whole evening was she knows I'm going out tonight with two of the other female bartenders to a competing pub in an upscale mall.  She is relatively new to the area and asked a few questions about where I go.
It would be great fun to spend some time with her!