Friday, September 28, 2018

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I have steeled myself to the idea of a compulsive liar/drinker joining the Supreme Court.  I just felt uplifted watching Dr. Ford and slimy after watching Kavanaugh testify yesterday. Enough said.

On the bright side, I made it through the BMV....Board of Motor Vehicles this week with no problems, not that I expected any. I managed to have a pleasant attitude and it was returned by the woman behind the intimidating counter.

Plus my hairdressing appointment also was pleasurable as always. We exchanged idle chit chat about her transgender son starting testosterone soon and the negatives of his separated father not accepting him. Which is especially tough around the holidays.

My new natural hair color is coming along nicely, and it almost looks like I have highlighted hair, plus it is soooo soft!

With a little bit of luck (and a promise from Liz) I will have a picture for you today.

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  1. " I just felt uplifted watching Dr. Ford and slimy after watching Kavanaugh testify yesterday".
    I find it very sad and disturbing that so many people are buying in so unthinkingly into what is so obviously a scorched earth strategy of smear and destroy ANYBODY nominated to SCOTUS by President Trump.
    This strategy was made clear by numerous Democratic party leaders in early July when they clearly and publicly laid out their stated strategy to use "any means necessary" to block ANY nominee to SCOTUS by Trump.
    What you are ignoring is a very well executed and perfectly time smear attack.


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