Cyrsti's Condo "Horror Scope"

In some ways I'm trying to tie my latest "scope" in with my last post on "Aura".  Hey, it works if you consider being a flirt part of your "aura"?

Libra (September 23-October 22): Flirting isn’t always cheating. There are times when using it as a weapon to save time or money is necessary — like this week. However, use your charm sparingly, because blurring the boundaries of innocent flirtation will come, as this week someone will surprise you with an unexpected response, making you want to sit up and take note.

Every week I expect a totally boring scope but this week's certainly isn't it! I can say when I sat on the other side of the transgender fence, I considered flirting an art form, even if my significant other didn't. Now, from this side, I'm not so sure how "safe" flirting would even be. (Right Liz?)

At the least, I love the "scope" and you can get yours too from theFrisky


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