Monday, September 23, 2013

Wide Wonderful World of Wideo's!

OK, I couldn't come up with enough "V" words for the title so what's the harm in a bit of creative license?  (Very little!)
As I lined up yet another male to female transformation video for the Cyrsti's Condo big screen, I began to think how unfair most of them are to the majority of us.  Here we are, daily scraping by to transition, present and carve out a world in our non birth gender. It's just unfair how "female ready" some of these guys are. But is it really?

A couple indicators I look for in a video is the size of the person's shoulders and an indication of height. With many, I'm simply amazed with how small they are.  Over the years, I have known or seen transgender women, cross dressers and/or drag queens who have been built the same way.  The best example I remember comes from 260 years ago one night when I was at an amateur drag show. One of the performers was absolutely the most petite, effeminate males I have ever seen and obviously a stunner in drag. On the other hand, I had to mentally shudder at the possible bullying and abuse this kid had to take. In fact, he was subjected to it there.  An especially creepy "admirer" in the crowd was scaring the hell out of the kid and rightfully so before he was removed.

So I guess (as with everything) Momma Karma giveth and taketh away. But regardless of how far the video subjects have traveled in their transitions, there are more than a million very entertaining, educational and amazing videos on the subject. Like this one from a drag queen:

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