Saturday, September 7, 2013

Photography 101

As you know, I have a real problem with my pictures.  Don't like them, don't like taking them and only suffer through to show you all to an extent I'm not just sitting behind a computer in my Mom's basement just making all this up.  Most of this you couldn't make up anyhow and trust me, my Mom has been gone for awhile.

Today though,  the art form of photography magic has reached new heights and is available to peeps even like me.  If you know what you are doing or can afford to go to someone to help you, it's possible to compile fascinating, sexy and/or attractive pictures of yourself. I'm sure it's happened that more than one cross dresser has had a picture of that "sister" of his sitting on his desk in his office. I have a friend who didn't go exactly there but did have a picture of one of his very attractive cross dressing friends in his locker where he worked out. No one had a clue his friend was over six ft six in the picture...or a cross dresser.

I'm in the middle of the technology of images school of thought. Many photos I see are great! Two wonderful examples of skilled ladies who present fantastically in pictures are Stana at Femulate and Janie Black. Both are very skilled at presenting their natural femininity.   On the other hand there are tons of tasteless guys who seem to think tossing on a wig and lingerie and taking pictures is fine and worse yet  those who encourage them. Most of them remind me of the CD stereotype of a 40 something 250 pound squeezed into a mini skirt, tottering on four inch heels in your local mall.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going out of your way to look better than you should in pictures. After all genetic women do it all the time. So to aid those of us who suffer from "photophobia", here is a instructional video on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen from Stepping

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