Sunday, August 25, 2013

It "Ain't" Easy Being Queen Honey!

Ever hear one of those fabulous looking drag queens say "I would never be a woman full time, it's too much work?"

Well it is but again it isn't. I have had Cyrsti's Condo readers ask me how long it takes me to get ready on a regular basis to face the world.  Of course the answer varies as with any woman, on the place or places I'm going. As a rule of thumb, under 20 minutes to shave (yes I still do dammit) apply foundation, do my eyes and lips.

Again as with any woman, public prep work is of the essence.  I've gotten into the habit of having a nail file handy when I'm watching one of my favorite brainless "reality" shows. (My heart was broken when I found out Eustace of Mountain Men had a college degree and his wilderness was close to a fair sized town!)

HRT has done a reasonable job of cutting back my leg hair. With the lack of skirts and/or dresses I wear, I can normally go quite the distance between shaves. I do gain the time back though with the amount of extra time (and expense) now with my hair.

So, there you go.  Toss on my predetermined outfit (I hope), my ear rings and rings and I'm out the door. No big deal unless I'm going to a special event like doing drag at a drag show.

As we know, very few of us can "run with the queens" in appearance and this video illustrates one reason why: **Beware of typical "Drag Queen language ahead!  :

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