Friday, August 2, 2013

Cross Dressing In Japan

There is a site I've featured before here in Cyrsti's Condo called RocketNews 24. 
The site has been known to do several outstanding features on the Japanese cross dressing scene, including transgender and transsexual women. Here's an excerpt:

"Cross dressing in mainstream media of Japan is still somewhat in its infancy. While on a nightly basis you can easily catch a crossdresser or transsexual person on TV, they often are presented as 2D characters offering little insight to who they really are or why they lead such a life. “Transgender” and “gay” are still synonymous to many people, but this is a situation that is steadily changing with greater awareness provided by works such as Yuri Danshi which was released on 31 July, and covers nine cross-dressing men in a wide range of styles and fashions from girl-next-door to gyaru. Otoko no ko is a term used to refer to crossdressing men who have innate feminine characteristics and enjoy dressing in clothes typically reserved for females. These are the types of cross dressers which the creator of Yuri Danshi, Naoko Tachibana wants to focus on for this book."

Also, Naoko Tachibana is a seasoned pro at transforming all types of men into women from her studio in Akihabara boasting upwards of 600 customers. Aside from her artistic talents she continuously supports the transgendered by trying to open doors for them."

Head on over to the site for more here.

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