Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Night on the Porch

I wrote a short post here in Cyrsti's Condo Thursday about the "Equality Springfield" (Ohio) meeting I was going to that night. As most community meetings go in a lull of any real activity, it was sparsely attended.

We discussed the fate once again of yet another anti LGBT anti discrimination bill stalled in the Ohio Republican controlled senate. Past that, the meeting moved quickly through ideas of who we would support in Springfield elections this fall and other committee work.  Adjournment came quickly- a good thing!

On the way out to my car, the defacto organizer of the group ran up and said I was invited to help destroy a bottle of wine with a few other friends on his front porch. I was elated.  Obviously I was being accepted - at the least as their new "not so silent" T.  I did make sure I reminded the group to get past their gay and lesbian  only stance. If I was sitting in front of them, certainly there were more of my transgender sisters and brothers hanging around out of sight.

An hour or so later as the mosquito's descended in droves, the real meeting adjourned and I had made three or four new solid acquaintances in the process.

Mission accomplished!

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