Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cosplay Comes to SyFy

"Syfy" is actually the old "Science Fiction Channel" on your satellite or cable network.

I reacted with some interest to a new show they are premiering August 13th called Hero's of Cosplay.  Of course I was interested in the possibility of seeing any cross dressing cosplay . Then I woke up to the fact we are talking about American television. By the way the show on Syfy is really like is "Joe Rogan Questions Everything". His attitude is priceless. But I digress.

In other parts of the world though attitudes are a bit different towards CD's and Cosplay although I did read a post about them being banned at a convention in Japan.

In the spirit of being a world traveler on my computer here in Cyrsti's Condo I am going to pass along two pix of a Chinese "Cosplay Nerd" (not my description) here you go. I just had to think, do his parents really know what the kid is doing in his room?


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