Sunday, February 5, 2023

Who is Hurting Who?

Photo Courtesy
Kim Petras 

With the deluge of anti-transgender Republican led political bills around the country, it's easy to forget those cis women who may be caught in the gender cross fire. I am referring to the many cis-women (born female) who don't particularly present well as women. Are they going to have to undergo some of or all of the idiotic regulations some one has to go through just to go to the bathroom. I have read some legislators are trying to require monthly records of a woman's period as a basis to judge their gender to compete in sports.

Imagine being an unsuspecting cis woman questioned in a restroom about her gender. Will she take a moment to think about and realize where all political transgender problems are coming from. It's so bad now even the right wing parrots who say they are running for president are mentioning the transgender community as major problems. 

Speaking of problems, the only one I see for trans folk is when they try to go naked in places such as women's changing rooms. As I have said before, I would not be caught dead with no clothes on in front of strangers and resent others who do and discredit my right to life as a proud out transgender woman. Recently, another example of what I am talking about occurred close to where I live in Ohio. A pre-opt transgender woman was naked in a women's changing room and was seen by a group of teenaged girls. Of course, all hell brook loose.  By "pre-opt" I mean the person had no genital realignment surgeries. 

Even with all the negativity in the transgender world, there are still positive signs if you look for them. Signs that point out transgender women and men are not going anywhere. We have always been around and always will be. Recently, I was watching a promo about the upcoming Grammy awards show on

Photo Courtesy
Jazz Jennings

CBS and noticed Kim Petras name mentioned. If you are not aware, Kim is a transgender singer from Germany who began her transition early in life. She is one of the fortunate young trans girls such as Jazz Jennings who have started young with a supportive family and stayed in the public's eye. Although with Kim, you have to search long and hard to find any information about her being born male when I searched Wikipedia and other sources. It's a good thing when she is only known as a singer without the transgender tag added on.

Obviously, as a community we trans folks have enough challenges coming up. Together we have to accentuate the positive such as we are as normal as the population at large. I say that because I never considered I was "normal" even though I identified as a transgender person.  

Perhaps if enough cis women are affected by the ridiculous number of proposed anti-transgender laws being proposed and people get to know other trans people, the tide will turn in our favor and we don't have to rely on celebrities such as Kim Petras and Jazz Jennings to do it for us.  


  1. The GOP will get tangled in its own incompetence when they start denying some intersex people or women who aren't feminine enough from playing on certain teams or entering certain public places designated for cis women. Stupidity is it's own reward

  2. Please be careful not to paint with too broad a brush! I just saw that an Ohio prosecutor brought case against a TG woman but there wasn’t any evidence that she exposed herself. That was Feb 1 and the action against her is purely partisan. This follows a teenager complaining about a “man” she saw from behind who actually IS post-op. I am in the middle of transitioning. I have breasts and have not gotten) and given my age, likely will not get) SRS. Yet, I have been with women changing many times. They never see anything but my breasts. It is not that hard to be discrete and avoid even the appearance of male genitals. The point is to be extremely careful to respect the sensitivities of others. I have never understood why anyone would flaunt their nudity. Lisa

  3. Over here in the UK, aka TERF Island, things are getting pretty ugly too, with increasing bans on trans women participating in sport, and further restrictions on our rights being planned.
    After I had socially transitioned, but before GRS, the last thing I wanted to do was allow anyone else to see me naked. Because this is such a big issue for pre. op. trans people we have even started a special trans swimming club with private access to changing facilities and pool once a week.

    1. I hope common sense rules on the "TERF" Island and a pre-opt swim club would make sense in larger towns where they could do it. I know the town where it happened in Ohio and it is very small also an update...the "authorities" are having a difficult time finding anyone to prosecute it.