Sunday, November 6, 2022

A Layered Life

One of the many things I admired about women were they are multi faceted human beings. While men were fixated on power such as sports, money and of course other women, the women they were fixated on had so many other facets of their lives to be fixated on. After all, none of us would be here if it wasn't for women birthing us. 

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Jessie Hart

The first major thing I fixated on with women was their clothes. They were the pretty gender. Women were able to buy and wear the colorful clothes and obsess on their hair and makeup.  Here I was jealousy and all working hard delivering newspapers and saving my pittance to sneak out and buy my own clothes and makeup. I was fixated and driven to be a girl. 

Why was the good question. As a man all I had to do was compete with other men for my share of the power which came with male privilege especially since I was white. One of the problems I continued to have was I wanted to be chased as a woman, not be the chaser. Little did I know my future would not be with a man but with other women. 

As far as women's attachment to families, I didn't birth my daughter but in many ways we are so close I could have. So I feel comfortable talking about and comparing family stories with other women. The only thing I couldn't share in of course were all the experiences of actual child birth. 

In many ways, I believe hormone replacement therapy has helped me to learn more of what a woman goes through in her daily life. After years of thought I finally came up with a description of my biggest world just softened with the effects of HRT. Slowly I began to notice I could smell and taste better. Plus the most dramatic change other than the emotional ones was when I noticed I was becoming colder faster. I found out the hard way women were not just making up being cold. 

Perhaps you noticed up to this point I had glossed over the extreme emotional differences I felt when the hormones began to kick in their effects. All of a sudden I could cry for the first time in my life. I didn't have to be the stoic male with no emotions. Even when those extremely close to me passed away. I learned also I could cry tears of joy as well as sadness. 

Recently I have experienced life's layers from a feminine viewpoint by going to a wedding (my own) and a very sad funeral. Of course, choosing the right outfit took me right back to my earliest days of wondering what a girls' life would be like. 

Sometimes I feel a portion of the resentment shown to the transgender or LGBTQ community comes from a portion of the population who are afraid of their own feelings about gender. Or, they are too lazy to try to understand the differences in human beings. Cis men choose not to try to understand cis women and vice versa. I found it interesting when I was going through my gender transition, women would come to me for advice about their spouse or boy friend. Perhaps the desire to learn from transgender women or men goes back to the ancient worlds when trans people were worshipped. Or, at the least not discriminated against. 

It all comes back to being able to lead the lives we need to survive as our authentic transgender selves. Layering your life can make the entire difficult journey worth it.

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