Sunday, December 19, 2021

Re Coil

 I went into the Cincinnati, Ohio VA (Veterans Administration) hospital  Friday for my Covid Booster. Normally when I go there I receive a mixed gender reaction. By mixed I mean, I can be called everything from she to being stared at and laughed at. Keep in mind, their clientele at the center includes a large rural Trumper area, so we aren't dealing with some of the most advanced people in the world. 

The staff itself was very much neutral with me. Being careful to call me by name once I signed up for the booster. Ironically it was Christmas time at the VA with people passing out free bags of fruit and coffee. 

Since this was my third covid shot, I knew a little of what to expect. Or so I thought. I sailed through the

first day with no real effects, only to get hammered the second day. I called it the "re-coil" affect. 

At any rate, I ended up in bed watching one of my favorite Christmas movies "A Christmas Story".  If you aren't familiar, "Ralphie" the young central character wants a BB Gun in the worst way.  True to form Ralphie, almost immediately breaks his glasses with his new gift...a BB Gun. When the gun recoiled when he wasn't expecting it to. 

In my corresponding youth, as badly as he wanted the BB Gun, I wanted a doll. Needless to say, I never was gifted with a doll. Plus, never in a thousand years would I ever had the courage to ask for one. 

I never broke any glasses with my gun but my brother did manage to shoot me with it. 

I would like to imagine in the future, gender roles could be loosened and  a boy could receive a doll and a girl could receive a BB Gun with no questions asked.  


  1. A story of two shots....and two recoils?

    I was awfully sick after my booster, and it lasted for a full week. I try to keep it a secret, though, as I don't want to give fodder for the anti-vax crowd. I will say that, if the vaccine made me feel that sick, I sure as hell don't want to get the actual virus. I've always thought that getting it would most likely be the death of me, what with my medical history of blood clots and all, so I've never hesitated to get myself vaccinated. I may change my mind if they start pushing for a fourth shot any time soon, however.

    1. That is exactly why I don't post much about vax reactions.

  2. your remark re: the people at the VA was elitist and disgusting