Thursday, October 28, 2021

Disappearing Shoulders

 Before we inherited a distinct fall chill to our weather here in Southwestern Ohio and sweaters became a priority, I had a chance to wear one of my patterned button up blouses over a tank top I have to make a trip to the VA for a flu shot. I wanted to wear something which would provide easy access to my arm for the injection. 

My reaction to the shot proved to be little or no consequence and in fact was over before I knew it. 

It turned out my bigger reaction came when I checked my reflection in the mirror and was amazed how much mass I have a lost in my torso/shoulder part of my body. Fortunately, the approximately twenty five pounds I have lost on our diet plus weight distribution changes due to hormone replacement therapy, the weight from my upper body has been added to my hips. 

Now I have to go shopping again to find new clothes to reflect the new feminine changes to my body. Yay!


  1. The weight you lose,
    You drop from the top.
    You paid your dues,
    Now shop till you drop!