Friday, April 23, 2021


 It occurred to me recently, after my posts on going to the dentist, just what did all of that really have to do with a blog supposedly dedicated to a transgender lifestyle. 

Then I thought perhaps I was approaching it all wrong. Here is one example.  As bad as the anticipated discomfort and suffering associated with a long put off dental appointment was, the bigger fear came when I thought of the amount of gender confusion I had absorbed in the past. Would I have have to put up with being mis-gendered?

Because, as many transgender women and men know, a visit to a medical facility can bring on embarrassing mis-gendering situations. Even to the point of your "dead name" being screamed out in a crowded waiting room. 

Many times too,  transgender people are forced to educate their medical care givers who have never encountered another trans person.  All the way to being refused treatment altogether. 

Depending upon where you live, the situation is getting somewhat better, even in Ohio a few major hospitals and other organizations are stepping up their game as they offer and interact with transgender individuals. 

Plus, even webinars are popping up here and there focusing on LGBT elderly adults. In fact, I am attending one in May. 

Now if I could go back and erase all my unpleasant medical experiences from my past, I would experience less anticipatory problems. 


  1. Could the answer be found in "More dental flossing/less mental flossing"? :-)