Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Former WWE Superstar Comes Out

 For years I have wondered how long it would be before an NFL Football player comes out as a transgender woman. With all the thousands of men who have played (or are playing) the sport, the odds have it a couple have to be trans. After all, several have come out as gay. 

Now, in another sport it seems the transgender barrier has been broken.

Former WWE superstar who wrestled as Tyler Reks has come out as Gabbi Tuft has come out as her authentic self. 


She said, I don't expect everyone to agree or understand but it wasn't her place to change any core beliefs. As the outer shell may change, the soul remains the same.

It all makes sense in that so many transgender women seek to over masculinize themselves to over compensate in the world.


  1. I used to play rugby, most would consider it yo be a pretty masculine game, especially since I played in the front row. My personal experience was that the players were very accepting ~ we were one of the first teams to play England's first gay club. I think under current rules it would not be viable fir current players to cone out as trans, but I'm quite sure I'm not the only one.

    Indeed I remember one club social was a vicars and tarts fancy dress do, the first team fly half came dressed in mini skirt and high heels, but this wasn't drag, it was much more a "femulisation"; at the time I remember thinking "he's done this before" of course I didn't say anything fir fear of outing myself.

  2. How does one wrestle in a wig and wearing silicone breast forms? I have enough trouble just doing yard work; bending over, lifting, and perspiring. More than once, I've had to grab my wig as it's been snagged on a limb, not to mention a breast form that slipped out of my bra because it had gotten so slippery from sweat.

    John Lithgow played the part of an ex-NFL tight end who was transitioning mtf in "The World According to Garp." His portrayal was, at that time, far from the weirdest thing in that movie. I would hope that it wouldn't seem to be weird, at all, these days.

    Who knows, maybe Tom has a desire to be Marsha Brady. He's tried to deflate his balls, anyway. :-)

  3. Tyler Reks as I remember was not a big name wrestler and these guys have dreams of making it big, but all too soon fade away... So I was quite surprised to hear you mention this! I checked his bio and sure enough the 1st sentence mentions her female name and pronouns! unfortunateley it also mentions her "dead name" because wrestling ring names are often an attention getting stage name, there are only a few that actually use their real name It's not that I doubted what you reported, but it just sounded too good to be true!