Sex is Power?

 Recently here in Cyrsti's Condo I wrote a post about the idea of why women (cis or trans) scare men so much. Essentially it is because sex is power and to many men, women hold most all of the power. After all, women are often stuck with raising children if unplanned pregnancy's occur. Along the way too, men end up perceiving women as possessions. 

Many women (again cis or transgender) eye being with a man as a validation of their femininity. I was guilty of that also when I started to date after coming out as transgender. Plus I thought if I could find a man to be with, I could present better as a woman in public. Ironically, my brief flirtation with men didn't last long after I found I was experiencing much more attention from women.

But through it all, I found sex was power as I pursued companionship with men on the newer dating sites which were springing up on that new found contraption called the internet. I don't want to remember how many times men were willing to flirt with me on line and just as willing to stand me up in person. After seemingly hundreds of contacts, I did experience several dates with above average men...including a couple way above. Including a transgender man. 

During it all, I was always acutely aware I was different and yet I was still able to sense the strong sexual attraction rarely between men and I and seemingly always with the women who were intrigued by me. So, sex was power.

Actually this whole post came about from this comment from Michelle:

"I have to agree with you about ego vs need to feel wanted. As for the complexity of the subject, it's somewhat simple in the way, women need to feel the emotions of wants and needs. We give ourselves freely in order to secure those emotions, with the hope that a man can live up to the responsibilities of providing the security. We need to understand that it isn't just for a one night stand but a long term commitment.

As for the sex drive portion, in today's society, it's because of several factors. One is that women have learned from our male counterparts that sex can be used to secure power. It can be used for both aggression as well as passiveness. The second factor is that we have been inundated, since the 60's, with people telling us that sex is the pleasure we need to maintain our sanity. In a way they are right since a woman's body does need that kick of hormones that sex gives us to help maintain a healthy body."

Thanks Michelle! One of these days we will have to examine the role high heels play in the gender power struggle.