Saturday, November 14, 2020

When Does Transition Cease to be a Verb?

 As with so many of my thoughts, I encountered this idea from Riley Black another blogger/writer from the "Medium" on line magazine. Riley brought up the idea of a gender transition ceasing to be a verb and then becoming a noun. If you are similar to me, I had to think back to my high school English classes to figure out what Riley meant. 

Finally my noggin started to understand the gender process we all go through as we gender transition. Is it always a verb as we progress. Or do we obtain a level when transition levels off and becomes a noun?

I have been in my transition for a long time.  In fact, if you consider all the years I cross dressed, I have been on a transition path for over sixty years. You can put it nicely and say I just took a little longer to discover my true self or...I was just a slow learner. 

These days, I have a tendency to think my transition has plateaued out and I know now what is around the next corner. On the other hand, life has taught me to never take anything for granted. Plus now, at the age of 71, I would be remiss if I didn't look ahead at the possible specter of spending time in an assisted living facility. 

It's looking more and more my transition will always be a verb.  


  1. Although we may use the possessive "My Transition" I'm not at all sure that the process ever truly ends. At 62 I am a mere spring chicken but it does feel as though this has been most of my life, and probably will be for the rest of it. I must say though like you as I get older I am increasingly concerned about those final years.

    Here in the UK we do have an organisation who assist and campaign for elderly LGBT+ people in care, but I hear very little about the issues that may face Trans people in care homes.

  2. Your organization sounds similar to the one here in the U.S. They have educational programs but so far no real force to back them up.