Friday, July 17, 2020

It's a Waiting Game

Thanks to Mandy, Connie and others who sent along their best wishes concerning the possibility of my partner Liz's son contracting the Covid 19 virus. The testing site he went to gave him an eight day window to receive the results. Which means, we are four days into the waiting period. 

As far as everything goes, nothing much has happened by choice. In fact, I decided not to sign into the cross dresser - transgender support group meeting Monday night this week. Plus I am not planning to attend a virtual "social" also this week. I can totally understand why some of the attendee's need the time to cross dress as their other selves but since I don't, I don't feel the need to attend. 

What I do have to do is schedule another trip north to the VA in Dayton, Ohio to get my blood lab work done. I am planning to do it as soon as the kid gets his test results back, provided they are negative. I am not as concerned with Hematology getting my iron levels as I am with my Endocrinologist seeing my new hormone levels. Along the way, I have learned the hard way not to play around with my blood doctors. 

Hopefully, I will get the all clear soon, so I can get all my blood work done.   


  1. Eight days? That's the "testing like you wouldn't believe" promised? Of course, we've also been told that we should stop testing in order to bring down the number of positive cases. I can't believe how inept the government has been.

    I hope Liz's son is wearing a mask 100% of the time he is in the house with the two of you. Otherwise, he could be exposing you to the virus for eight days, should the test finally show positive. Actually, I think that all of you should have been tested at the same time. If the sore throat were a symptom, he could have been asymptomatic for some time before that.

    I will continue to pray for all of you that the test comes back negative. I also pray for better testing and a solution to eliminating this virus. We, who are at higher risk of not surviving a contraction, can't be locked away forever.

    1. I agree eight days is ridiculous. Could be dead by then, He has declared himself OK and I am back to dodging him when i see his maskless self. i told him if he kills me, i will haunt him forever. He is not particularly evil...just not the sharpest tack in the box.