The End Game...Revisited

I have written here in Cyrsti's Condo in depth concerning my paranoia with nursing homes in my later years. Which aren't that far away. In fact, the whole deal has given me the push to join a regional LGBTQ Rainbow Alliance for the elderly. Recently, the organization is becoming the go to group for information on LGBTQ aging issues when it comes to nursing homes and assisted care facilities. Leaders of the group are even reaching out to certain loft communities in the area about their acceptance of us. 

Today I even registered for a webinar hosted by the Alzheimer's Association called "Dementia and LGBTQ plus Older Adults...Do the Letters Matter?"  Th subject is especially close to me because my Father passed from the disease and it was horrible.

In addition, I attend monthly board meetings and plan on helping out with a virtual elderly summit this fall in the metro area. It will be interesting to see what the outside world thinks of, or knows much of of anything at all about the transgender community.  

I hope all of this helps to fill the void of moving away from the cross dresser - transgender support group I have been a member of for years.