How Did I Get Here?

This morning I made a very quick socially distanced safe trip to the attorney to drop off paperwork. To do it, I wore a simple white tank top, jeans and tennis shoes. No big deal and the only makeup I wore was eye makeup since the mask covered the remainder of my face.

As i drove the short distance to the office, I thought back to the early days of my feminine development as a transgender woman and wondered if I ever had any idea I would ever get this far. I even have another mammogram coming up in early August which I consider a feminine right of passage.

On occasion too, I get so desperate for new blog posts, I have been known to journey back through the old dusty Cyrsti's Condo blog posts for ideas. What I discovered was I was far more interested in the outward impression I was making as a transgender woman than my inner self. Probably much of that has to do with me having a strong partnership with Liz in public. I can't begin to tell how many times I have benefited when Liz has called me "she" or "her" to strangers. 

Of course I owe the acceptance of others to even begin to get to the plateau I have achieved today. My daughter led the way in opening her in laws acceptance of me. Leading the way to replace the family I lost when my brother rejected me.

And then there were Kim and Nikki who I parted with heavily early in my coming out transgender days  who introduced to the lesbian lifestyle and how eventually they led me to my partner Liz. I also learned I didn't need a man to validate me as a woman.

The trip this morning was very brief as I wrote, so all too soon I was back home and writing this blog post. I think I figured out how I got here...somewhat.