From 2010

By accident I just found this ancient picture of me from all the way back in 2010. Again in one of my favorite wigs.

The more I started to go out to the same places though, the more I found the need to settle down to one basic look. The public needed to see me the same way to give me positive feedback in my Mtf gender transition.

Some of you long time readers of the Cyrsti Condo blog may remember.


  1. Although I own many wigs, of different lengths and colors, I wear one particular style and color 99% of the time. When I've changed to a new style, the old one is basically retired. Going for a more consistent look just feels right, as I want others to see me as a woman, consistently (if that makes sense). Actually, I suppose I wouldn't care so much, if I were more confident. In one sense, I'm not unlike any wig-wearing woman who has suffered a permanent hair loss, but I also have the added gender dysphoria that creeps in occasionally.


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