Flame Monroe

Flame Monroe does not want to be known as a transgender comedian, she wants to be known as a comedian who happens to be transgender.

“Because if I wasn't transgender, I would probably still be a comedian,” she says. “My transgender [identity] is my afterthought because when you introduce me as a ‘transgender comedian’, or a ‘drag queen comedian,’ most people don't hear the ‘comedian’ part. All they hear is ‘transgender’ or ‘drag queen.’

The result is then continued difficulty for her to be treated like any one of her other funny counterparts. But just one look at her standup set and you know she can hang with the big dogs. 
Monroe is one of six comedians featured in Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready, a collection of half-hour comedy specials executive produced by the Girl’s Trip breakout (and legend Wanda Sykes) now streaming on Netflix. She’s joined by Chaunté Wayans, April Macie, Tracey Ashley, Aida Rodriguez, and Marlo Williams. 
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  1. I can relate, and then I don't get it all, either. I have performed as a transgender musician/vocalist in the past, but I now only go on stage as the person - the woman - I am. Then, again, I now live this way every hour of every day, so how else would I approach it? Flame is coming from a different place, advancing a career of comedy from a basically-drag experience. Tapping into her trans existence to make jokes should make it difficult to avoid being known as much more than a transgender comedian, as does making statements that include the word "tranny" (she feels that's OK, because she is of the community). While there is some truth to what she says about the trans community being too sensitive about the little things (putting out little fires instead of fighting the war, she says), she appears to be representing a different community than the one of which I am a part.

    1. With the amount of back and forth some drag queens experience during their shows, it surprises me more have not been able to make the leap to more of a mainstream gig. Then again, it could be the heels.


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