Friday, May 31, 2019

Booth Girl

Wrapped around a visit to my daughter's picnic/party this weekend, is a nearby village wide yard sale our group is setting up at . We are using it to raise funds for this year's annual Cincinnati Witches Ball. The big Halloween Party we host every October. This summer we are selling home-made canned and baked goods.

Any sort of affair my daughter puts on is very inclusive all the way to having another transgender person there. One of my ex wife's in laws is a trans man. I don't anticipate anything other than a good time.

The village where we are having the garage sale is much different. Very small and very redneck are the best descriptors I can come up with.  We are only supposed to be there about four hours on Saturday and Sunday, so I figure I can provide a helping hand without being too conspicuous. 

One way or another, it should be interesting.

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