Friday, April 26, 2019

Trans Dar?

Wednesday, as I was waiting for Liz to wrap up her Doctor's appointment and playing on my phone, this younger person walked in and sat down across from me. Of course, at my age, almost everyone is a "younger person".

Very quickly we engaged, much faster than I do with most people. Also my mind clicked into I am talking to another transgender woman. She was very presentable and was wearing a type of pink and blue necklace. As we conversed, I had an idea we both wanted to ask each other about being transgender but couldn't bring ourselves to be that bold.  She even mentioned the in house hospital gift shop was serving coffee from a local coffee shop which also has been known to host a monthly transgender meeting. So she was giving off all the right clues.

Later I began to think if I remembered Liz's Doctor  being mentioned as a trans friendly therapist in any of the groups I have been to. And it seems I have.

Damn, it's a small world!


  1. I totally get this. Happened to me many times and even at work. You just don't want to ask the question....


    1. It's sad that we tried so hard to communicate our "similarities" without actually vocalizing them. I wanted so badly to ask her about her past!

  2. Geez, don't you know we have a secret handshake? :-)

    Really, though, it does seem counterproductive to be discussing transgender issues in public, when it is possible that our biggest issue is to be able to live freely as ourselves out in the world. Probably, it is more likely that we don't want to out anyone - including ourselves. I've had trans women break eye contact with me in public places, but I still give them a smile, just as I would anyone else.

  3. On occasion it is nice to meet a friendly person with similar backgrounds to talk to. As far as the "secret" handshake goes, I am not sure I want to know! :)

  4. Years ago, at a model train show (before my hair was this long, and before I wore acrylic nails all the time) I noticed a guy with pretty red nails. No dress, hair or the like. I was debating whether to compliment his nails...and my wife came around the corner. End of story...