Wednesday, January 23, 2019

No Surprise

The Supreme Court decision to uphold resident rump's ban on transgender troops came as no real surprise.

After all, rump and his minions have had the chance to appoint different conservative leaning judges recently. 

Not to be too negative with this last circumstance, the whole matter seems to open up a whole new fight for transgender rights in this country.

Of course, also, the whole matter is still being mulled around in the lower courts but the fact remains this ruling could open the flood gates at the Supreme Court which goes against LGBT rights in this country. Wait till the courts come after all those smug cis gay men.

Probably, what is most disconcerting to me are the number of transgender women I know (some of which are even vets) who still support rump. Perhaps I can understand the number of cross dressers who are, because they probably figure they don't have a dog in the hunt anyhow.

Finally, I feel sorry for the transgender troops who are serving our country now in these times of uncertainty. They have been sold out by their country.

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