Friday, December 14, 2018

Nailed It

Yesterday in Cyrsti's Condo, I wrote about the basic differences for me going to a nail salon versus having my hair done. Basically I have always loved the hair experience and found the nail experience to be rather mechanical and impersonal. Admittedly though, much of it is my fault because of where I go to get my nails done. Due to financial considerations, I am fairly sure I am sacrificing personal service for cost. I only have a basic cut, trim and polish done and it costs around twenty five dollars, including tip.

As I also discussed yesterday, I have a problem too with the language barriers I encounter in the salon where the main spoken word is Vietnamese. If it was in Thai, it's possible I still would remember a few words from my old Army days. One way or another it would be more fun as I always like to converse more. As it turns out, clear out in the Pacific Northwest (from me), Connie has some of the same problems:

"It's definitely more fun to go into a nail salon with someone else. Otherwise, there usually is nobody with whom you can have a conversation. It is a bit unnerving, though, when the women who work in the salon speak a different language, and have their own conversations going on around, over, and through you. If their conversation is about you, though, I suppose it's best that you don't understand it. I often have to remind myself that I have no control over someone else's thoughts, and if they are thinking ill of me, it really is just a waste of their time; I'm never changing myself for their sake, anyway.

I'm going to try to get acrylic nails again tomorrow. It's getting harder to find a salon that does them anymore, especially one that does a good job at a reasonable price. It seems that every time I find one I like, the technician either retires or moves on to a different salon. My own nails have all been smashed at one time or another over the years, so that they grow all gnarly and bent. The only option, then, is to have acrylic nails if I want them to look good. Then, I have to schedule two-hours of time every three weeks to keep them looking good. Oh well, it's worth it...because I am worth it! (no matter what they're saying in Vietnamese)"

I guess I am fortunate enough over the years to have worked basically non manual labor jobs, so my nails aren't in bad shape. Liz gets the acrylics though and some day I am going to try them!

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