Friday, September 7, 2018

Tonight is Date Night

It is the first Friday of the month and the night Liz and I have been heading to Karaoke with one of my cross dresser-transgender support groups. Basically, I go to watch all the others and Liz should go to sing, which she doesn't.

So far, as I have written before, most of the attendee's conduct themselves in a civilized manner (as far as dress goes) and, to my knowledge haven't trashed the women's restroom. I have had times in the past with other groups which that has not been the case.

What am I going to wear is the question. We are supposed to be getting hit by the remnants of Hurricane Gordon  this weekend so I am thinking about a simple pair of leggings and a frilly top. The last time I went, I wore my empire green high wasted maxi dress and solicited  a little smile and goodbye from the bouncer checking I.D's at the door when we were leaving.  Hopefully, he was't just mocking me :).

Other than that, it probably won't be a very chatty evening for me unless I can break out of a little circle, I have found myself trapped in. I have grown tired of the "lead" cross dresser and her never ending crummy jokes. So, if no one says anything interesting, I just withdraw into myself, knowing though, Liz is having a great time.

I will have a chance to work on projecting my voice, as the place can get quite loud on occasion. 

The whole event is usually well attended (approx 20 peeps), so someone interesting is bound to show up.

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