Wednesday, September 19, 2018


I need to make the drive to Dayton for one of my support group meetings. The trip up to Dayton takes about an hour and a half, one easy traffic. When I go to my monthly veterans LGBTQ support group meeting, it doesn't let out until four o'clock which means in rush hour traffic, I won't get home for two hours minimum. I'm going to have to tell my therapist I can't make it anymore unless something changes.

In the meantime, the group was very small yesterday. Only another transgender woman and a gay man  The gay guy told a very sad story of being HIV positive in the gay community. And the total rejection he felt.

So, not much else to report from the meeting as none of the fun people attended! My problem is, I can't enjoy the meeting because I am worried about the drive back.


  1. I don't envy you at all. I hate driving in heavy traffic, and I try to avoid doing so. I have enough stress in my life already, and I don't need another test of my patience. I'd probably need a second therapy session by the time I got home!

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  3. I can never get over the distances that people travel! In the USA or Australia you seem to have a different sense of distance to us in the UK. If I have to travel for more than an hour or drive more than 50 miles it's a major expedition!

    1. Distances didn't use to bother me. With age, they are less than fun anymore!