Monday, September 17, 2018

A Tweet in the Night

My phone is set to loudly announce a text message or tweet whenever I happen to receive one. Every now and then, I set my phone on the end stand beside the bed when I sleep. Rarely, does anything happen until last night.

About three or so in the wee hours of the morning, I got a tweet. Mind you now, I don't do much on Twitter, so I rolled back over and went back to sleep. I did check it when I got rolling in the morning and it simply said "I want to be a woman." First I thought well duh, who doesn't?

Then, I got to think how hard it is for a transgender person to come to grips concerning their inner gender. And, after that, how difficult the journey is to sync up your inner and outer persons.

I wondered if the person who sent me the text was serious enough to face all the challenges of crossing the gender frontier.

Or was the message just a lost soul in the night, who I will never know.

I don't sugar coat much of anything, so it's hard for me to paint a rosy picture for any questioning transgender person. The easy answer of hitch up those big girl panties and proceed to go at it alone, because many times there simply is no one to help you.

However, I do have a big shoulder to cry on.


  1. ...and a big hand to hold...and a big foot for kicking into gear - all done out of love, of course. :-)

    Going it alone takes a lot more time, I think. With access to blogs like yours, as well as transgender websites and so much internet information, it has to be easier today than it was for us Transaurus Wrecks. I was a grandparent before I made an attempt at going out publicly in earnest (or Earnestine?). I guess I was hitching up my granny panties, then. :-)

  2. I had forgotten about Earnestine! As I remember, Wilson had great legs :)

    1. I think you're referring to Geraldine. He was so good at it, I wonder if he got the name, Flip, for his cross dressing abilities.