Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Boogey Down

So far the week has been very predictable, except for a couple exceptions. At Monday night's cross dresser - transgender support group meeting, I met an interesting couple. The transgender woman was a 28 year old natural beauty. She was with an adoring self professed gay man who said he loved her. Plus it seemed they met in a gay situation and fell in love. Then she started to transition and was just starting HRT.  Finally! Someone new and interesting.

For some reason, quite a bit of the discussion centered around finding a significant other for a relationship. Of course someone asked me how Liz and I got together. I said we met on line when she saw my picture and said I had sad eyes. Which back in those days (seven years ago) I most likely did. The fact of the matter is, most of them like Liz more than me!

The rest of the meeting was predictably boring.

Tuesday, my two self improvement appointments weren't so predictable.

More on my vocal and therapist visits later in another post.

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