Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I have a fairly new acquaintance who considers herself transgender.

In one sentence she is bemoaning her voice, or her looks. In the next, she is validating her femininity by the number of "straight" guys she dates. She seems to be a bit confused when I tell her the "straight" term is a bit murky.

I haven't old her yet my theory, dating men is fine but you haven't even began to make it in the world as a transgender woman, until you receive/earn acceptance from cis-women. In doing so, you begin to understand what it is really like to live. Women are much harder to gain real acceptance from than men in my world.

Why? Because men normally run from me and women interact. I have to be a more complex person to operate on their gender level. Men operate on very basic "power" levels, while women can outwardly really seem to accept you, until you do something wrong (like use the restroom) and the knife comes out.

Plus, as we all know, as transgender or even cross dressers, we have male admirers. Nothing wrong with any of that, but a problem lots of these guys have is coming to grasps with their own sexuality. It is their problem-not ours but we inherit it.

And, oh yes, I have told my acquaintance to be careful.

One never knows how easy to get the tables turned on you, until it happens to you. (As it has to me.) Unfortunately, it seems to be part of the feminization process. If anyone likes it, or not.

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