Straight Leg Jeans

If for one reason or another, you have never been able to wear skinny jeans, good news is coming for the Spring. New, straight leg jeans are in, according to Debra Borland and the Fabulous After 40 fashion blog.

If you are like me, you may have asked what's the difference?  According to the blog:

"The main difference is basically the width of the leg opening. Skinny leg jeans have a closely tapered fit that hugs the thighs and calves and continues all the way to the ankle.  Straight leg jeans fall straight down from the hip to  ankle. Although snug through the thighs, there’s more breathing room through the knees, calves, and ankles."

And, more importantly:

"Straight leg jeans are considered a classic and look good on everyone because they’re more forgiving than skinny jeans. They’re particularly flattering on pear-shaped gals and inverted triangle bodies because the wider leg opening helps balance out these body types. Hourglass figures can also rock a pair of ladies straight leg jeans and gals with wide calves appreciate the extra width through the lower leg area."

Follow the link above for more information on making your transgender or cross dresser presentation even better!


Connie said…
I hadn't realized I was being so fashionable when I put on a pair of straight-leg jeans this morning to go to work! I usually am not trying too hard to make a fashion statement to do my dirty job. In fact, this pair is so worn that they're beginning to get a little threadbare mid-thigh, and they may soon be even more fashionable when they have actual tears and holes! :-)
Cyrsti Hart said…
I have a pair like that too! :)
Connie said…
I always take note of the irony when I'm downtown working. I can tell the street people from the rich people by the jeans they are wearing. The rich people are wearing jeans with many factory-torn holes, while the street people are wearing the new stiff standard Levis they were given at the homeless shelter.