Ponies in the Olympics

If you are an admirer of the feminine figure, many times, there is not a better place to view finely tuned bodies than the Olympics. Even though the winter games don't provide as many chances as the summer games do, many gorgeous women such as Lindsey Vaughn (right)  still compete.

As you can see, Lindsey has her long blond hair tied up in a high pony tail in the picture, which was the topic of a recent Cyrsti's Condo blog post.
As you know I do, I love to provide a different take on the subject, which often comes from Connie:

"If you've been watching the Olympics coverage of the figure skating, you've seen many high pony tails, especially on the ladies on the ice dancing teams. The twizzles, twirls, and lifts really are accentuated by their pony tails flying in all directions. It's all far beyond my abilities, but fun for girl to dream of doing it. I may never be able to put myself in their skates, but I have managed to wear my "Stilettos on Thin Ice" (it's not shameless for me to make a plug for your book, is it?). :-) "

No! It's not shameless to plug my book except it's nearly impossible to find now that the publisher has gone out of business! Shame on me though for not working harder (or at all) on my second or third book. Seeing as how I have most of all the writing done. It just needs to be compiled. Plus, it is very expensive to find someone else to do a good job of publishing your book and I simply haven't the energy to find another "self publisher".

Finally, a girl has to dream...doesn't she? Without dreams, she has nothing!


Paula said…
I will admit to not following the Olympics much, especially the Winter Games, they just don't cover the sports I follow much. Here in Europe we are in the middle of the greatest annual international rugby tournament ~ The Six Nations.

There are two versions of this one for men (we get every match televised live in full) and the Women's we only get a 30 minute high lights program ~ but the rugby is very good indeed and the very fit players manage a very physical game without losing any of their femininity ~ There are also some pretty impressive pony tails on display