Monday, January 22, 2018


This is another week I wonder about retirement. It seems every day I have something going on. Which isn't a bad thing.

Tonight (Monday) I have a transgender - cross dresser support group meeting here in Cincinnati. Tuesday I have my transgender veteran support group meeting in Dayton.
Wednesday, I have an appointment with my therapist at the VA.
Finally, Friday, Liz and I are going to her Black Belt Karate Banquet, which is semi formal.

As far as outfits go, it's basically leggings or jeans with a nice sweater for the first three days and a sparkly sleeveless top with a long flowing skirt for Friday. Pretty routine.

I can't write it enough, when you transition into full time feminine living, everything you think will happen does. You immediately have to begin to build a wardrobe which will include basics which can carry you in multiple situations. Also, you need some items for any special occasions which may crop up.

Of course, the good old sweats and T-shirts will still work around the house. Especially when you have been on hormone replacement therapy for awhile. You will give them a whole new shape!

Speaking of HRT, it's time for me to order more of my estrodial patches from the Veteran's Administration.

Retirement can wait!


  1. I am looking forward to joining you in retirement, but I have a few years to wait yet. Work just keeps getting the way of all the things I want to be doing.

  2. I hope the government shutdown doesn't lead to an HRT shutdown! Or...will a government budget patch lead to an estradiol patch? :-)

    1. Thanks! you reminded me I have to change mine today :)