Putting on the Bling

Tonight is the semi formal banquet I am going to with Liz.

As always, dressing up will be fun, but my underlying shyness takes the luster off the event. I won't know anyone there and I am thinking I don't share much in common with most anyone either.

I am wearing a long patterned flowing skirt with black hose and my black flats, topped off with a sleeveless sparkly red top. I am not overwhelmed with the choice, but Liz approved it. So, I trust her judgement.

At any rate, I hope the food is good and I can find some other folks to interact with. So I won't appear to be a stand offish snob.

Definitely not a good look for any transgender woman looking for acceptance.


Connie said…
Gee, all I ever want is to be the prettiest girl in the room! ;-)

The truth is that it's a long-shot, but a girl can try (and try, I do). The important thing is to be happy with the way you look, and the rest should fall in place. I always tend to err on the side of being slightly overdressed, so that when I enter a room full of people I have more of a chance of making a favorable first impression. Anyway, if you're happy with how you look, the chances are that you'll also naturally be wearing your most important accessory - your smile!
Emily Shorette said…
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Emily Shorette

Cyrsti Hart said…
It was tough, but I did keep up with the smile part. There are some pictures but I will see if they are presentable before I publish :)