Friday, January 19, 2018

Legging it Out

As I mentioned a couple days ago here in Cyrsti's Condo, today is the day I am scheduled to go back for another mammogram.

Of course now, I have to figure out what to wear. The weather is fairly decent for January in Southwestern, Ohio. The sun is out and the temperature is supposed to climb into the 40's (F). As I see it, I am working with two choices, jeans and/or leggings with boots. Or, I could go for walking comfort and wear my tennis shoes with jeans.

As far as a top goes, I try to go with a loose fitting sweater for ease of removal when I get there. If you are not familiar, you need to strip to your waist for the actual mammogram.

While I am on the subject of leggings though, I decided to pass along a link to another fashion site I follow by Ginger Burr. Her featured topic today centered around leggings and how to wear them effectively.
Here is a small example of what you will see and the link is here.

5 Steps to Creating a Great Outfit with Leggings

JANUARY 18, 2018
Leggings and tunics are still popular. Women of all ages are wearing them
 and as a result I am regularly asked about how to wear them. The questions include:
  • what’s appropriate
  • how to layer tops and not look messy
  • how to find tops that feel beautifull
Personally, I find leggings to be a great part of my wardrobe. I love the feel of them
 on my legs and how they flatter my legs. But I struggle to find tops/sweaters to wear 
with leggings. 

Of course "The Total Image Consultant" blog offers so much more.
You may want to check it out for ideas on your transgender fashion woes.

Or winning the fashion battle in a cis gender world!


  1. I find that the best way to wear leggings is to put them on one leg at a time, just like any other woman. :-)

    I prefer skinny jeans to leggings because they are more structured. Attaining the proper smoothness in the crotch requires a fail-proof tuck underneath, and the cut and stitching of skinny jeans - which can be just as tight as leggings - makes me feel more confident. When I do wear leggings, though, I only pair them with a tunic top that extends to (at least) my crotch, or even a skirt that would be shorter than I'd feel comfortable wearing without them. While many women wear something to cover a larger butt (and I've seen many who don't, but should), many trans women don't have that problem. The look can be much the same, though, with a longer top that hangs over whatever the offending body part might be.

    1. I too, have been known to wear leggings (with stirrups - even though they're not in style right now). I agree whole-heartedly that they should be worn with longer tunic tops. On my bod, that's a minimum of 30 inches after shrinkage, and 32 or 34 inches are even better.


    2. Stirrup leggings are great when wearing boots. I find it annoying to have leggings bunch up at the knees, and then have to unzip my boots to pull them back down.

  2. You should send your comments to her blog! :)

    1. I don't think my "subject matter" is applicable to the vast majority of her followers (and I am not talking about applying my "subject matter" to anything or anyone - especially to any TERFs who may be reading this!).

    2. I don't think my "subject matter" is applicable to the vast majority of her followers (and I am not talking about applying my "subject matter" to anything or anyone - especially to any TERFs who may be reading this!).

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Let me try this again. To begin with, I think the more transgender response to her blog the better. As a matter of fact, I received a message back from her. Also I don't think a bunch of grizzled old Terfs' would be reading her blog!

    1. A grizzled old TERF could be reading your blog, though. When they're not marching in their pussy hats, they're usually wearing their ass hats, seemingly fixated on finding ammunition to use against transgender women.

      I really don't think that Ginger needs to receive "tucking" comments from transgender women - not publicly anyway. While I do subscribe to her blog, I have never paid for any of her services. The reason is that I pretty much agree with what she says about women's fashion, and I can easily see what does or doesn't work for me as a transgender woman. For example, I always apply an incontinence pad when I wear tight-fitting pants, as it helps to smooth things out (I don't, however, advocate using disposable diapers for this purpose :-). I also often wear a "v"-shaped light foam pad insert to fill out the space there above the crotch that most women - especially of my age - do naturally. In fact, many women wear compression undergarments to hold in that part of their anatomy if it is too large of a "pooch." The finished look can be much the same, then, but it can be achieved in different ways.