Friday, January 12, 2018

Astrology Fashion Sense

A site I haven't featured in awhile here in Cyrsti's Condo is Deborah Boland's Fabulous AFTER 40.

Of course I was initially attracted to it because I may just be a tad over 40!

This week, several features attracted my attention, including:

Zodiac Styles for Aquarius and Capricorn signs, Chic on the Cheap with tips on building a "Wow" wardrobe on a budget and ways to "Dump the Frump"and jump start your style.

As Stana from Femulate always points out, fashion sense for most doesn't come naturally and whatever you can do to discover and establish a personal style, will help you so much in the world of women.

Plus it's common knowledge we transgender women have to work harder to look presentable. Preferably while not looking like we are trying that hard!

Fabulous AFTER 40, offers a news letter plus more than a few "help books" you can purchase. Which can help you turn that "Oh No!" moment in the mirror into an "Oh Yeah!"

1 comment:

  1. I'm waiting to see what she has for Taurus.
    For me, though, I have to be quite selective in what I wear, taken from a fashion post.

    No heels at all, bad pronation, and as a result I have to wear orthotic inserts in my flat shoes.
    No long skirts or dresses, because they get caught in the rear wheels of my rollator walker.

    And a lot of outfits in such posts, are built around both.