Tuesday, January 2, 2018

And So We Meet Again

For some reason, my schizophrenic cat wants to help me write this post. After biting me last night she can't seem to get enough of me. Not unlike a few of the friends I have had in my life. Not the ones I am referring to in this post.

I didn't have much choice in coming out to my close friends. I never had many, what I considered close friends but what I did have up and died on me in a two year span. It took that aspect out of my Mtf transgender transition reality.

To this day, I only have one friend who knows of my trans life and supports me. She just happens to live some distance away and we don't see each other much. The last time I met her and a couple of her grand-kids, they were all really nice. I could have been meeting them as my old male self other than the person I am today.

Plus, with kids, they always seem to be more accepting.

So, as 2018 begins I count my long time friend as one of my transgender blessings.

I have always wondered how it would have been to have been able to come out to my deceased male friends. Of course, it's nice to think they would have accepted me, but then again, I will never know. I do think the process would have been way more uncomfortable for me, than them. Maybe then though, they would have understood why I "disappeared" on occasion as I secretly was learning to live life as a transgender woman.

I am sure too, as I started HRT, there would have been very little chance they wouldn't have noticed the obvious and subtle changes going on with me.

Like so many things in my lives, I will never really know the answer.

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  1. I have been very lucky in that I have kept nearly all of my friends, male and female! Certainly a few got a little confused, but I soon realised that those who cared for me, cared for me, and my gender identity and my presentation were not the main thing in our relationship.