Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Time Heals All?

Well, not quite, but at the least, time does have the benefit of softening unpleasant memories.

In a recent comment on a Cyrsti's Condo post, Connie mentions (among other things) the concept of my deceased wife eventually coming to terms with and/or accepting me being a transgender woman:

  "FABULOUSCONNIEDEEDecember 25, 2017 at 11:19 PM
It's coming up on ten years when my wife and I finally started dealing, truthfully, with my gender identity. She had not been happy with my cross dressing, and it was about to end our then 35 years of marriage. We reached an agreement that allowed me to be myself, Connie, on a semi-regular basis, although not with family and old friends. Her one demand, at the time, was that, if I grew breasts, I would be out of here. Over time, we have transitioned together, and she may even feel a little sorry for me that I am unable to undergo HRT for medical reasons. Your wife may have relented over time, as well.

My mother and my brother both died the following April. I regret never even discussing my gender identity with them, even though they had known that I cross dressed when I was young. Their absence from the family get-together was felt today. If only my presence, as the woman I am, could have been felt by them when they were alive.

You're right, perspective is all-important. But, really, when will my Christmas wish come true? "All I want for Christmas is my two front teats, my two front teats, my two front teats...."
Sorry about the loss of your brother and mother and the holidays are a bitter reminder that death is final. As long as someone is still alive, reconciliation is still possible. 
I do think too, my wife and I would have remained friends and she may even have become to respect or even grow fond of the true person I was to become.
As far as those "teats" go, put your best breast forward. 

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  1. How did you know that one of my breasts is better than the other? Unfortunately, I'm speaking of breast forms, and I tend to wear out the left one sooner than the right. I'm currently wrapping the left one in plastic wrap because it is torn on the backside. I had sworn, when I bought this pair, that I would never buy another. I'm still hoping this repair job will last long enough, giving me time to find a permanent solution. Surgery is my only option, and since Santa didn't come through (again), nor did the state lottery, it'll have to be installments for the installation (funny, both words contain the word, stall).