Sunday, November 5, 2017

Who Was That Woman?

Yesterday Liz, her son and I, headed out to a local chain steakhouse to meet her brother to celebrate a couple birthdays. I wore my black jeans, knee high charcoal boots and hip hugging gray leopard speckled form fitting top for the occasion. It was also cold enough for my black leather jacket.

As we were seated , no one paid me any extra attention which was good and we all ordered when her brother arrived. Lunch was good and soon enough it was time to leave. Before we did though, Liz and I had to go to the Ladies Room.

After taking care of business, as I was washing my hands, I caught a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror as I quickly rearranged  my hair. Just as quickly I realized I barely recognized the transgender woman looking back at me.

The HRT (hormone replacement therapy) regime seems to be working nicely as I approach four years continually on the program.

Pleased with myself, I stood up straight, threw my shoulders back and made the journey back to our table through a busy restaurant. No one barely paid me any attention.

Even though we were visiting a restaurant in Northern Kentucky, my fears of LGBT or transgender reprisal proved to be groundless.

It was a nice trip home!


  1. Most of the things we fear never happen!

    I'm a little behind you on the HRT Route ~ well quite a bit actually, but the changes to how I look to others is already quite dramatic, my latest joy is having the confidence in appearance to go out without makeup.

  2. I am so happy for you! I think that you could give me some lessons on female self-confidence. And I think THAT is fantastic!